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White Papers

Money laundering risk management has a relatively recent history, dating back only until the early 1970s.  In spite of this, many industry participants perform their daily work with an incomplete understanding of the industry's historical context.


Why is historical context important when trying to manage money laundering risks?  For one thing, existing AML regulations have largely been developed in response to historical events.  For another thing, knowing how regulators and legislators have translated historical criminal events and trends into regulations will help the industry predict the regulations that will develop from future events and trends in criminal activity.  Finally, reviewing the historical context for different types of crime helps industry participants analyze the money laundering risks confronting financial institutions independently from existing regulations, which may help them detect and prevent money laundering activity in ways not currently contemplated by applicable regulatory frameworks.


We have therefore created these white papers to provide industry participants with the historical context necessary to manage money laundering risk in as effective and efficient manner as possible.  If you have any comments on one of these white papers, or have a topic that you would like to see covered in a future white paper, please let us know.


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