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Core Competence training in money laundering risk management training covers money laundering-related concepts, general financial services money laundering risk indicators and the tactical risk analysis process used to distinguish unusual and potentially suspicious customer activity from commercially reasonable customer activity.

Advance Tactical Training uses scenarios that simulate a business environment to reinforce tactical money laundering risk analysis skills through application of these skills in immersive business situations.

Targeted Business Area training analyzes the money laundering risks and risk management elements for specific types of financial services business areas. Exploring the customer population, products and business model for Commercial Banking, Investment Management, Retail Financial Services and Private Banking gives financial services professionals, law enforcement officials and regulators a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the risk environment for these business areas.

The AML Officer Master Class provides AML staff, regulators and law enforcement officials with an understanding of how to analyze and manage money laundering risk at the strategic (financial institution and industry) level. To develop a comprehensive understanding of money laundering risk management as a discipline, this course also includes an in-depth overview of the financial services landscape and the tactical risk analysis process.


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