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Our online AML training courses are designed to fulfill the training needs of the diverse communities (financial services professionals, law enforcement officials and regulators) that need to know how to understand the money laundering risks inherent in the financial services business environment in order to manage them effectively.


Our course address different aspects of money laundering risk management to ensure that the various needs of these three communities are addressed in a thorough and robust manner.  Our AML Core Competence and Advanced Tactical Training courses address the tactical money laundering risk analysis perspective, which financial services professionals and law enforcement agents use when considering the commercial reasonableness of a specific customer’s financial activity.  Our business area risk management courses cover the business landscape and money laundering risks associated with each of the four primary financial services business areas (private banking, retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management).  The AML Officer Master Class provides comprehensive coverage of both the tactical risk analysis perspective and the financial services landscape, and adds thorough coverage of both the strategic level of money laundering risk analysis (as employed by financial institutions and regulators) and the nature of AML program design and operations.


Institutional customers (financial services firms, law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies) may purchase any of the above courses for delivery to their staff, and are further eligible to purchase any of our Targeted Advanced Tactical Training courses to provide staff with immersive scenario-based risk analysis training dedicated to a specific financial services business area.

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Targeted Business Areas

Targeted Business Areas