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This one-hour course explores the nature of the retail financial services business environment, its money laundering risks and how these risks are typically controlled.  Through this course, you will develop an understanding of:


• The nature of the retail financial services business environment

• The money laundering risks associated with retail financial services

• The nature and operations of the types of controls generally employed to manage these risks

• The retail financial services risk management framework within which these controls are deployed


Understanding the strategic money laundering risks and control framework elements relevant to the retail financial services business environment should help you perform tactical risk analyses of retail financial services customers and their activity with greater precision and efficiency.


Two scenarios at the end of the course will provide you with an opportunity to work through examples of the sort of tactical and strategic money laundering risk analysis process associated with retail financial services.



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Retail Financial Services- 1 Hour

Business Analysis

Strategic Risk Analysis

Customer Activity Review

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