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In order to offer effective regulation of the financial services industry, financial services regulators need to understand the fundamentals of money laundering risk management, including money laundering risk analysis and how a financial institution’s money laundering risk management framework operates.


Our 20-hour online AML Officer Master Class provides a thorough overview of the financial services landscape, its money laundering vulnerabilities,  and the risk analysis frameworks that a financial institution uses to understand and manage money laundering risk at both the strategic (general) and tactical (customer-specific) levels.  This course provides regulators with the business context, analytic skills and risk management techniques necessary to understand how financial institutions develop and operate their money laundering risk management capabilities.


Our 2-hour online AML Core Competence course focuses on analyzing tactical or situation-specific money laundering risk, exploring the techniques used to distinguish unusual and potentially suspicious activity from commercially-reasonable activity when looking at specific customers and their transactions.  Our Advanced Tactical Training course offers the opportunity to apply tactical money laundering risk analysis skills in a simulated version of each of the four primary financial services business areas.


Each of our targeted business area training courses explores the nature and money laundering vulnerabilities of one of the four primary financial services business areas (private banking and retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management), which will deepen your understanding of how the financial services industry works, the nature of its money laundering risks, and how these risks are typically managed




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