Navigational Elements

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Our courses employ various navigational and design elements to help you move through the subject matter as smoothly and efficiently as possible while improving the extent and depth of your comprehension of the course material.

Questions & Answers delivers additional information about some aspect of the business, a bit of nomenclature or a pertinent historical detail, that someone outside the AML community would not be likely to know.

In Expert’s Corner sections, various ‘experts’ provide you with perspective on how money laundering risk analysis and risk management controls operate in an actual business environment.

Our online courses are all mastery-based, meaning that you need to demonstrate your mastery of one topic before moving into another topic. In the Benchmarking segments, your assimilation of the course material is assessed – these assessments occur on an ad hoc basis, periodically and in terms of the final certification tests.

Interactive scenarios provide an opportunity to apply money laundering risk analysis skills in fictional business situations. The depth and complexity of these scenarios depends on the concept or situation being considered – simple concepts such as placement or layering typologies are treated through relatively simple scenario formats, while more involved topics such as tactical money laundering risk analysis techniques are treated using highly-immersive business simulations.




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