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Money laundering risk management is a complex discipline, so training is necessarily a core feature of most financial institution, law enforcement and regulatory efforts to identify and prevent money laundering activity.  Our online money laundering risk management training courses are designed to fulfill the training needs of the diverse communities (financial services professionals, law enforcement officials and regulators) that need to know how to analyze money laundering risks in the financial services context in order to manage them effectively.

We offer three distinct levels of training to ensure that the various needs of these communities are addressed.  


Our AML Core Competence course and Advanced Tactical Training course offer training in tactical risk analysis, which is specific to understanding commercial reasonableness in the context of a financial services customer and their activity


Our Targeted Business Area training courses provide in-depth analysis of the primary financial services business areas (private banking, retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management) and their associated money laundering risks


Our AML Officer Master Class delivers extensive training in tactical risk analysis, the nature of the financial services landscape, strategic risk analysis (related to generic risk categories, as opposed to individual customers and their risk), and the development and operation of an effective money laundering risk management framework


All of our money laundering risk management courses are housed within our integrated online learning environment, with customized graphics and navigational elements, to make your learning experience as productive, convenient and enjoyable as possible.




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Strategic Risk Analysis

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