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Depending on the jurisdiction, different crimes will be predicates, or foundations, for bringing a money laundering charge.  Almost all jurisdictions, however, treat certain major crimes (drug trafficking, fraud, counterfeiting and corruption) as money laundering predicates.  


To help financial services professionals and law enforcement officials understand these crimes and the risks they pose to the financial system, we offer four 1-hour Major Crimes Training courses (Click on the links below for more information about each course):


-Drug Trafficking

-Serious Fraud


-Corruption and Bribery


Each course offers an analysis of the topic which includes the nature of the crime, its historical background and significant examples, and the money laundering exposure that a financial institution can face due to it.  Each course also offers an interactive scenario that gives you a ‘dark side’ perspective on the crime by allowing you to play the part of a criminal trying to conceal your activity from your financial institution.

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Major Crimes

Drug Trafficking

Serious Fraud


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Corruption and Bribery

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