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Law enforcement agencies handle a wide range of functional responsibilities, and operate on levels ranging from extremely local to global, but share a common focus – the detection and prevention of crime.  Since most criminal activity has a financial component, law enforcement agents often need to consider the financial perspective when pursuing an investigation.


Our 2-hour AML Core Competence course, which explores the tactical money laundering risk analysis method, is ideal for agents and other law enforcement professionals who routinely analyze financial activity performed by individuals and companies to determine whether it makes business sense.  Our scenario-based Advanced Tactical Training course offers the opportunity to test your tactical money laundering risk analysis skills in simulated business environments, an invaluable way of furthering your understanding of the financial services landscape.


Our Targeted Business Area training courses, which explore the nature and money laundering vulnerabilities of one of the four primary financial services business areas, will deepen your understanding of how the financial services industry works, the nature of its money laundering risks, and how these risks are typically managed.


Our 20-hour AML Officer Master Class provides in-depth coverage of the tactical money laundering risk analysis method and the nature of the financial services landscape, but also contains thorough training in strategic money laundering risk analysis and risk management, the more general level of risks analysis and risk management employed at the financial institution and regulatory level.






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