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A range of institutional entities (including financial institutions, professional services firms, trade organizations, law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies) can provide their staff with the benefits of our top-quality money laundering risk management courses at wholesale rates.


Volume purchases of all regularly-available courses (AML Officer Master Class, AML Core Competence, Advanced Tactical Training, Targeted Business Area training) for online delivery by us will receive a preferential rate. All of these courses can also be made available to your institution in SCORM-compliant format for you to deliver to your staff via your institution’s learning management system.


Institutional customers are also able to purchase our Targeted Advanced Tactical training courses for delivery via your learning management system.  Each of these courses covers a specific financial services business area and its money laundering risks before moving into an immersive scenario simulating that business area’s culture and operations.  These courses are an effective and engaging way of providing business staff with the targeted risk analysis skills they need to make sense of customer activity in their business context.


Please contact us directly for more information on pricing and delivery methods related to any of these courses.



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