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Case studies, hypothetical situations and interactive scenarios are some of the most effective AML training techniques because they allow you to see effective risk management principles in action.  Static demonstrations of method (such as case studies and hypothetical situations) are effective since they allow you to see the application of models in a specific context, but interactive scenarios offer far more robust learning opportunities because they allow you to work through business processes and analytic methods in a realistic business setting.  Our immersive interactive scenario environments are designed to simulate realistic business settings, where you can work through the details of a money laundering case.  

Developing a robust and thorough understanding of how to analyze and manage money laundering risks requires seeing the business from both sides of the equation, so we have created interactive scenarios related to both the financial services and the criminal perspectives:

The standard perspective, where you perform due diligence and risk analysis as a financial services professional in order to determine whether a customer is engaged in suspicious activity


The ‘dark side’ perspective, where you design and operate a scheme to launder criminal proceeds through a financial institution


Standard Demo


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'Dark Side' Demo

The Executive

Demo Scenarios

Sample Course

Sample Course/Scenario

You can also experience a short sample course demonstrating how our robust interactive scenarios complement our course material.