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Major Crimes Training: Bribery and Corruption

Course Description: The 1-hour Major Crimes Training: Bribery and Corruption course is designed to help financial services professionals and law enforcement officials understand corruption-related activity and the money laundering risks it poses to the financial system.  The course involves performing a money laundering risk analysis of various models of corruption-related activity.


The course also explores the history and nature of different types of corruption, shows how this activity can impact a financial institution from a money laundering perspective, and demonstrates how this risk exposure can be managed.


Course Learning Objectives: The objectives of the course are to help financial services professionals, law enforcement agents and other industry participants: Identify the nature and history of corruption-related activity; Demonstrate how historical developments in corruption have shaped the current state of the industry; Discuss the development of risk controls to manage corruption-related money laundering vulnerabilities; and apply money laundering risk management principles and techniques to solve an immersive interactive scenario.


Course Format: This course consists of four units of content, including an additional unit devoted to interactive scenarios where you can apply what you’ve learned, and a brief final certification test.  The course is taken online and is designed to be completed "at your own pace". Once you enroll, you can complete the course at your convenience, from any location, from any computer, day or night.


Learning Methodology: The course material blends text, visuals, audio and interactive scenarios to ensure that your learning is engaging and reinforced every step of the way.


Technical Requirements: We recommend that the device on which you take this course meet the following standards:  High-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable modem); recent version of Flash; and a recent version of one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer (Version 7+); Firefox; Chrome; or Safari.  This course is i-Pad, tablet, and mobile device compatible.


Course Completion: You have three months to complete the course. Within five business days of your successful completion of the course, you will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion indicating that you have successfully completed 1.0 hours of Corruption and Bribery from an AML Perspective training and have received .1 CEU.



Course Cost: $40


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