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Business professionals in the financial services industry routinely deal with customers and their transactions, and know that every customer and transaction they handle carries some level of risk.  The nature and magnitude of the risk varies depending upon the customer and the transaction, and in order to protect their professional reputation and livelihood financial services professionals need to understand and manage the money laundering risks presented by their business.


Our 2-hour online AML Core Competence course provides financial services professionals with the tactical risk analysis tools necessary to understand the money laundering risks presented by their everyday business activities and gauge the commercial reasonableness of customer activity.  Our Advanced Tactical Training course also offers four immersive scenarios where you can test your tactical money laundering risk analysis skills in four simulated business environments.


Our online targeted business area training courses focus on money laundering risk management in specific business areas (private banking, retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management), allowing you to understand and manage the money laundering risks presented by your specific business area more effectively.


Our online 20-hour AML Officer Master Class is more appropriate for financial services professionals seeking a deeper understanding of money laundering risk management as a discipline, including how to analyze money laundering risk from a strategic or programmatic perspective.  This course is therefore more suitable for professionals responsible for entire business areas or product lines, or those in senior risk control functions, than it would be for professionals who routinely deal directly with customers.



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