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Each of our one-hour online targeted business area training courses explores in detail the core elements of business area money laundering risk analysis  for one of the primary financial services business areas (private banking, retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management).  Each course follows the money laundering risk analysis model, exploring in turn the nature of the business [customer base, products / services, business model], the elements of money laundering risk associated with this business type, and the most appropriate risk management elements.  Each course includes two scenarios (one tactical, one strategic) to reinforce your understanding of business area money laundering risk analysis and risk management.


Consumer business is separated by customer type and business modes into Private Banking and Retail Financial Services.  Commercial Banking explores financial services business areas related to the operational needs of corporations, financial institutions and other large entities (such as sovereign nations and municipalities), including treasury management, lending and capital market-related services.  Investment Management explores investment management and fund management, including investment management companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds.


Our online Advanced Tactical Training course offers four immersive scenarios, each one simulating the business culture and risk analysis skills associated with one of these primary business areas.  Institution customers wishing to provide staff with practical experience in money laundering risk analysis in only one business context may wish to consider one or more of our four online Targeted Advanced Tactical courses, each of which offers an immersive scenario dedicated to one of the four primary financial services business areas.


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