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Our online 20-hour AML Officer Master Class covers the full range of money laundering risk analysis frameworks and risk control techniques needed to analyze and manage the money laundering risks associated with the financial services industry’s customer types, products, geographies and business areas.  This course covers tactical money laundering risk analysis methods, as used to determine the commercial reasonableness of a specific customer’s activity, and offers robust coverage of the entire financial services industry landscape and its money laundering risks.  For compliance professionals with minimal AML business experience, this course provides the business context, analytic skills and risk management techniques needed to operate effectively in their work environment.  This course will also benefit experienced compliance professionals by providing a different (and potentially more comprehensive) perspective on the work they have been performing while providing external validation of their business experience.


More limited industry perspectives are available in our other money laundering risk management courses.  Our 2-hour AML Core Competence course explores the tactical approach to money laundering risk management, covering techniques used by front-facing staff, AML investigators and law enforcement agents to review particular customers and their transactions for commercial reasonableness.  Our Advanced Tactical Training course offers an opportunity to apply tactical risk analysis skills in four distinct simulated business environments.  Each of these four primary business areas is also the subject of a Targeted Business Area training course, which explore the business activities, money laundering risks and risk control techniques associated with private banking, retail financial services, commercial banking and investment management.





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