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The 20-hour online AML Officer Master Class provides a thorough overview of the risk analysis models and risk management elements that shape a financial institution’s money laundering risk management framework.  This course offers comprehensive training on strategic money laundering risk analysis methods for major financial services categories (customer type, product / service, geography and business type), and shows how AML program components help a financial institution manage its money laundering-related risks.


Unlike courses geared toward understanding a specific regulatory environment, this online course offers detailed coverage of the bedrock material, the fundamental strategic money laundering risk analysis skills, upon which all such regulatory frameworks and their associated courses are built.


In addition, the AML Officer Master Class provides a comprehensive overview of the financial services business and its associated money laundering risks, and offers immersive training in tactical money laundering risk analysis methods, where a specific customer’s activity is tested for commercial reasonableness.


While no training course can replace business experience, this course provides the business context and risk analysis methods necessary to optimize your business experiences and make your time in the industry increasingly meaningful.


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Online AML Officer Master Class- 20 Hrs

Strategic Risk Analysis


AML Program Design


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