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Online AML Core Competence Course- 2 Hrs

Business Analysis



The 2-hour online AML Core Competence course provides an understanding of how to analyze and manage money laundering risks in a specific financial services business context.  Suitable for front-facing business staff, business management, law enforcement agents, regulatory examiners and anyone else requiring an understanding of how the financial services industry analyzes and manages money laundering risks relating to specific customers and their transactions, this explores methods of identifying unusual and potentially suspicious financial activity in a business context.  


The course uses scenarios and other interactive learning tools to provide a basic understanding of the money laundering process, including major concepts and significant examples.  The course’s primary focus is on developing a thorough and practical understanding of the tactical money laundering risk analysis process, where commercially reasonable activity is separated from unusual and potentially suspicious activity in the context of a particular customer or transaction.  The course also includes a broad overview of the money laundering risks and vulnerabilities associated with financial services customer types, products, geographies and financial services business models.


This course has a high degree of synergy with our Advanced Tactical Training course, which explores the tactical money laundering risk analysis process through four immersive scenarios that simulate each of the primary financial services business areas.



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