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Tactical money laundering risk analysis, the method used by financial services business staff and law enforcement officials to identify and manage money laundering risks associated with specific customers and their financial transactions, is a research-intensive process requiring a thorough knowledge of both the operative business environment and the nature of its money laundering vulnerabilities.


Our Advanced Tactical Training course offers a robust, highly-immersive simulation of each of the four primary financial services segments (Private Banking, Retail Financial Services, Commercial Banking, Investment Management), allowing financial services professionals, law enforcement agents and regulators multiple opportunities to explore and interact with a realistic business environment.  Working as an analyst, you interact with your business colleagues, perform research, communicate with clients, etc. while receiving feedback on your choices.  

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Advanced Tactical Training-1.5 Hrs

Business Analysis



Exploring these different fictionalized business cultures while assembling research and making business decisions will give you valuable practice in tactical money laundering risk analysis methods - the sort of methods used by financial services professionals to make informed business decisions every day.


Each of these scenarios is also available for institutional customers only, as a standalone unit targeting a single financial services business area.

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